Originally a grain, feed and fertilizer company, the old Sabina Farmer’s Exchange (SFE) has expanded and developed into what is now Premier Solutions with our goal of “helping farmers feed the world.” Our business has gone from serving three Ohio counties in 1975 to today serving the world. Our services and products reach across the US and many different countries including, but not limited to, Brazil, Canada, China, Indonesia, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Turkey, and Vietnam. There are several companies in our group including Premier Feed, LLC, Premier Grain, LLC, Premier Custom Application, LLC, Premier Ventures, LLC, Premier Swine, LLC, Premier Eggs, LLC, Premier Dairies, LLC, and Feed the World, LLC.

Premier Feed, LLC offers a variety of nutritional products for all production needs. Our customers can purchase our specially formulated feeds or we can individualize a plan to meet your specific needs. We also work with outstanding feed and ingredient companies throughout the U.S. to provide you with a variety of choices.

Premier Grain, LLC consists of four elevators that have a storage capacity of over five million bushels. We offer a variety of marketing options, as well as specialty crop programs. Our goal is to provide outstanding customer service to our producers so that they may be able to maximize their profit potential. We accomplish this by providing up to date marketing data, offering premium programs, maintaining efficient facilities that allow for a quick turn around, and by growing strong relationships that allow us to stay competitive in the business.

Premier also raises breeding gilts and sires locally which are shipped throughout the U.S. and the world. Table egg production is now in Starke and Scioto counties. Other services include Premier Custom Application, an All-Season Truck Wash and Trans loading of products ranging from feed ingredients to airplane deicer!

Exportation and transportation of livestock is growing in today’s world and as of October 1, 2011, Feed the World, LLC (FTW) opened its doors as an Export Inspection Facility and has since received government approval for export processing. FTW provides necessary holding, rest, quarantine and inspection for cattle, small ruminants, swine and other animals during their eastbound or westbound journey in a modern, well-ventilated facility. We have imported or exported beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses, mink, pigs and whitetail deer by air or sea.   

We look forward to continuing to support farmers, serving our local community, and furthering our connections worldwide. Please visit premiersolutions.net for more information.

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